About Us

The Historic rose Garden consists of approximately 500 antique and old garden roses located on some two acres in the Historic City cemetery in Sacramento, California.  The roses are primarily from the 19th and early 20th centuries, many of them found growing on abandoned properties, old cemeteries, and in the wild throughout California.  More than twenty volunteers work to maintain this garden and share information about the roses.

Mission: To identify, collect and preserve roses that are part of California's horticultural heritage, while enhancing the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery.

Historic Rose Garden Goals and Objectives

Goal #1: Maintain an internationally-recognized collection of roses found in California historic sites

  • Identify, collect and preserve heritage roses that are part of California's horticultural heritage
  • Propagate and plant found roses in the Historic City Cemetery
  • Maintain a data base to record roses in the garden, their location, source, historic identification when available, found names, and other significant information.  Prepare and publish a list/catalog of historic roses in the cemetery,
  • Communicate rose identification/lists to rosarians world-wide
  • Share historic rose cultivars with other public gardens and collectors as appropriate and feasible

Goal #2: Provide a rose garden that enhances the Historic City Cemetery and the City of Sacramento

  • Support the Historic City Cemetery's identity as a Victorian garden cemetery
  • Enhance the beauty of the cemetery 
  • Ensure that walkways remain clear and headstones remain visible
  • Identify broken plots, structures and headstones for repair
  • Engender recognition and support for the preservation of the cemetery
  • Increase public awareness and use of the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery

Goal #3:  Provide a place to educate the public about heritage roses

  • Provide materials to enhance rose garden visitations
  • Cemetery rose garden brochure
  • Self-guided tour(s)
  • Develop and maintain Historic rose Garden website
  • Produce regular newsletter, The Cemetery Rose
  • Conduct such events, classes, workshops and tours as would inform, educate, and encourage cemetery visitors
  • Recruit and train volunteers to work in the Historic Rose Garden

The Cemetery is located at 1000 Broadway in Sacramento, California.

Cemetery Visitor Center: 916-264-7839

Old City Cemetery Committee mailing address: 1809 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95811