An active group of volunteers are vital to keep more than 400 roses in good health, under control and ready for visitors.  Cemetery volunteers are assisted by the Sheriff's Work Crews on weekends who clear paths, clean up weeds and haul off pruning trash.
Our major efforts are made during pruning seasons (winter for remontant roses and late spring for the once-bloomers).  As these photos show, there is a wide variety of tasks that need doing all year 'round.  Volunteers deadhead roses, supervise the clearing of pathways and plots, assist with planting and propagating and event planning. 

Generally, volunteers work in the Garden on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.  We arrive around 9:30 and work through the morning.  We often visit a local spot for coffee or lunch and talk about plans for the garden.  (Rose Garden volunteers are a convivial bunch.)

If you wish to volunteer at other times, a list of tasks is left in the Rose Garden mailbox, just waiting for you.  There's something for everyone!  Click on the email link on the left to join in the fun.



Fred Boutin and Barbara Oliva worked together to establish the Historic Rose Garden. Jennifer leading a tour at the Open Garden
Cuttings are taken in fall to propagate new plants Cuttings are carefully placed in hopes of many new plants for the spring plant sale.
Wintertime is pruning time. Judy and Terri keep going even when the rose snagged the hat one time too many.
Setting out Open Garden Plants Getting ready for rose sales at the Open Garden event.
Unusual photo of Rose Garden Maintenance Manager, Anita Clevenger. This is more like it...


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