Virtual Rose Sale

Volunteers propagated more than 400 roses for the cancelled Open Garden and are now offering them to the public in a virtual sale.  Interest was immediate after a FaceBook posting and some 29 varieties remain.  Interested buyers can email requests to by June 6.  Roses will be assembled for pickup by June 12.  Please arrange an appointment to pickup your purchased roses at

Click here to see photos of blooms

Roses are $20 each and include the following:

  • Abbott & Burns
  • Across From the Health Food Store
  • Admirable
  • Adorable Pink Poly
  • Barbara's Apricot Musk
  • Barbara's Pasture Rose
  • Bloomfield Abundance
  • Car Wash Rose
  • Castro Breen Red Climber
  • Copperopolis Bar
  • Crepescule
  • Dawn Crest
  • Devoniensis
  • El Dorado Short Moss
  • Lady Roberts
  • Ladyfingers
  • Maman Cochet
  • McQuistion Red
  • Mlle Blanche Lafitte
  • Moser House HP


  • Narrow Water NOT
  • New Orleans Cemetery Rose
  • Niles Cochet
  • North Bloomfield Raspberry


  • Phillips & Rix Pink Climbing China
  • Plate-Bande
  • R banksia var normalis 'Linda Street'
  • Ragged Robin
  • Regulus
  • St. Leonard's