Looking Back - History of the Rose Garden

Many of us are going through old papers and photos during the pandemic, awash in nostalgia and memories. The task is made much more poignant for we who love the Historic Rose Garden be-cause of how it is being diminished by city staff.

2020 Rose Garden Events

Historic Rose Garden - 2020 Events

In view of uncertain conditions regarding the COVID 19 pandemic, scheduled 2020 events Historic Rose Garden Events have been cancelled through summer.

Future on-site events, tours and volunteering will depend on City, County and/or state restrictions.  Updates will be posted here.

September 12 – Propagation Class – 10 am

October 17 - October Encore tour –10 am

October 24 Make a Difference Day  Americorps team on site 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Historic Rose Garden Video

Historic Rose Garden video is now available on YouTube.  It can be seen by clicking "Read More"

Remembering Barbara

It was fitting to celebrate Barbara Oliva's life in the Historic Rose Garden that she worked in for so long and also fitting the roses received a much needed drizzling rain on her day.

Historic Rose Garden

The Historic Rose Garden includes more than 500 old garden roses from a variety of sources and sites.  The collection includes some unique roses, not found anywhere else.  Click here for a  catalog of roses in the garden.

Anita Clevenger's picture

Cemetery Musk Seedling

We're propagating this rose. A unique seedling that appeared in our garden about ten years ago, it continuously bears clusters of single flowers with a strong spicy fragrance.  Without pruning, it's grown into a fountain-shaped shrub about five feet tall and six feet wide.  It can be kept smaller with moderate pruning and shaping.  A great landscape rose!


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