New Sign Installed

After waiting several months for our new sign to be installed, we were gratified yesterday to see it put in place at last.  City Facilities staff completed the installation under the watchful eyes of several volunteers.  The result was well worth watching.  At the end, it took assistance from Parks Supervisor Tony Ulep to heft the metal sign into position.

Come check it out!


The Deadheading at Dusk evening event scheduled for Monday, September 5 has been cancelled.  Volunteers have done such a great job grooming the roses, that there isn't enough deadheading to justify a special event.  It's also Labor Day and many will be out of town that weekend.

Don't forget the Propagation Class on September 10, conducted by the very knowledgable Kathryn Mackenzie and plan to join us for Deadheading at Daybreak on September 19 (there should be more spent blooms by then).

Historic Rose Garden Video

Historic Rose Garden video is now available on YouTube.  It can be seen by clicking "Read More"

Deadheading Time


Yes, April events are over and it's time to begin deadheading the roses.  Deadheading can be done on any workday, and we have some special Deadheading parties scheduled.

Cemetery Planting Guidelines & Controversy

Thanks to all who attended the Preservation Commission Meeting on April 13.

Catalog of Sale Roses

The Catalog of roses offered for sale at the 2016 Open Garden is available for viewing online.



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